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Etsy shop紹介 Amalia Versaci


先日、Renegade Craft Fair @ Brooklynで、ジッパーでできたピアスを購入したことを書いたが、そのピアスを作った人が、Amalia




Hi! My name is Amalia Versaci and I'm a 25 year old artist and designer. I attended Rhode Island School of Design where I studied Photography and Printmaking, but I am a lover of pretty much every art medium. Since leaving school, I've been a little unsure of what I really want to do, which I think is something that happens to a lot of young artists. I currently live at home with my extremely supportive, loving and creative family. Their support has afforded me the freedom to explore my creativity and as a result I started my little business.

Amalia Versaci(アマリア・ヴェルサーチ)といいます。25歳のアーティスト/デザイナーです。ロードアイランド・スクール・オブ・デザインでは写真と製版を学びましたが、あらゆる形態のアートが好きです。卒業後、何をすべきか迷っていましたが、多くの若いアーティストが通る道だと思います。現在は実家で暮らしていますが、家族はとても温かく、クリエーティブで、私を支えてくれています。家族の応援があったからこそ、自由に創作活動をおこなうことができ、こうして小さな事業を始めることもできたのです。


One of my favorite quotes is rumored to have been spoken by Picasso: "good artists borrow, great artists steal!" I don't know whether he said it or not, but I think the basic sentiment is true for all artists. You can't fabricate something from nothing, so why not start with the best thing out there and make it your own (and preferably, better)! The idea of zipper jewelry first came into my mind when I saw a necklace made with zipper slides in London a few years ago. I was immediately taken with it! I have always been attracted to art and design using found objects or created using objects originally designed for another purpose. I bought the necklace immediately and, more importantly, the idea of repurposing zippers was stuck in my head for good.


When I finally went to make zipper creations of my own last fall, I realized that it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I was unable to buy colored slides anywhere unless I was willing to buy them in bulk quantities, so instead I decided to spray-paint plain aluminum zippers the colors I wanted. I discovered someone on Etsy selling a random lot of vintage zippers, so I tried using them as well and discovered the excitement and mystery of collecting and creating with vintage zippers. In struggling to find supplies that matched my vision, I came up with many new ideas that I wouldn't have otherwise.


None of my creations today look anything like the necklace that originally put the idea into my head.I took the idea and made it my own, and I am quite happy with the results!


(3) これまでの作品の中で、もっとも気に入っているものはどれですか?

I think the items I am most proud of are the ones that are unlike anything I have ever seen before. Two examples of this are the painted zipper slide bracelets and the layered vintage zipper jars. Both are completely original ideas and it took a lot of work for me to get them the way I wanted them to be. Once I thought they were right, I felt very accomplished and the items themselves mean more to me knowing the work that went into them.


(4) 好きなアーティストは?

I LOVE art of all kinds, so this is kind of hard, but I will name a few. Some big ones: Pablo Picasso (a master of so many genres who stayed relevant and on the cutting edge for his entire career!) , Jackson Pollock (a pioneer in abstraction and a color genius), Robert Rauschenberg (not afraid to experiment with any and every object and media), Aaron Siskind (abstract photography master), Dale Chihuly (revolutionary glass artist) and many, many more!! Just A Few On Etsy: Papermode (my inspiring best friend with a deep love of paper), Kathi Roussel (an amazing woman who makes wildly creative and gorgeous jewelry), Taylor's Eclectic (her use of materials is truly innovative with amazing results) and again, many more! I have to say there are so many artists on Etsy who are both talented and exceedingly kind! I feel so honored to call so many of them friends!

有名なアーティストでは、ピカソ(多くの分野のマスターで、生涯才能が衰えることがなく、常にアートの最先端にいた)、ジャクソン・ポロック(抽象芸術のパイオニアで、色彩の天才)、ロバート・ラウシェンバーグ(いかなる物質・媒体にも恐れず取り組んだ)、アーロン・シスキンド(抽象写真のマスター)、デール・チフリー(革新的なガラス作家) 。その他、大勢います!

Etsyでは、Papermode (刺激を与えてくれる親友であり、紙を愛するアーティスト)、Kathi Roussel(とてつもなくクリエーティブで美しいジュエリーを作る、素晴らしい女性)、Taylor's Eclectic(革新的な素材の使い方で、見事な作品を生み出している)、その他まだまだいます!

(5) 幸せな気持ちにさせてくれるものを、5つ挙げてください。

Things that make me happy pretty much regardless of circumstance or environment: 1. Dogs (in particular, my own black labs) 2. Queen (the band, I am completely and unhealthily obsessed with them) 3. Ice Cream (gotta love ice cream) 4. My 23 year old teddy bear who I have had since I was 2 (love you ted!) 5. Camille (my best friend and a true angel)

1. 犬(特に、私の黒ラブたち)
2. クイーン(バンドの - 不健康なほど、のめりこんでます)
3. アイスクリーム
4. 23年前、つまり2歳のときから一緒にいる、クマのぬいぐるみ。(Ted、大好き!)
5. カミール(天使のような親友)


Thank you, Amalia!
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