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Etsy shop紹介: Abigail Brown

Etsy shop紹介: Abigail Brown_d0011990_2221651.jpg

本日ご紹介するのは、「布の彫刻」を作る、ロンドン在住のアーティスト、Abigail Brown

(1) 簡単な自己紹介をお願いします。 

My name is Abigail Brown and I am a textile artist and illustrator. I live in London, England, where I also have my studio...full to bursting with all the fabrics I collect to use in my work.
My pieces are made from new and reused materials: old clothes, bed linen, scraps from other artist's work and bought fabrics from my travels. Working with fabric provides a connection to my childhood, the days I spent with my grandmother who was a seamstress. She died when I was 8, a hugely devastating loss.
The theme of my work is always animals, but largely it focuses on birds.


(2) アーティストになられたきっかけは?

I made things from a very early age and was always happy to be creating things in whatever medium. As I grew up and began to make decisions about my future there wasn't much other direction for me, I love art...creating is what I am about. I have worked for other people and I found it too hard to compromise my time for someone else's ideas.
There really is no other way for me!


(3) これまでの作品の中で、最も気に入っているものは?

Every time I make a new piece I am happy with it will become my favourite! But the little owl Ponsenby was a creation I was hugely delighted with and for the first few nights after his creation I slept with him next to my bed. I have many a great many Ponsenbys now, so I think other people feel the same connection to him!
My most recent love is a piece I created for a doll swap game with 9 other makers. I had an idea for a deer girl and as she came to life I fell in love with her and couldn't bare to part from her. I had to make another one to send off for the game! Ilsa is the deer girl's name and she swings from a post as I walk in my front door...it makes me happy to see her when I come home.


Etsy shop紹介: Abigail Brown_d0011990_2237380.jpg


(4) お好きなアーティストは?

I love illustrators mostly. I collect children's books and it is the illustrator's of those that I find the most inspiring artists. Marc Boutavant is my most favourite.
But then there are a great many artists whose work I also love: Dominique Donois who works in papier mache, Ann Wood and Tamar Mogendorff, fellow textile artists, Michel Gondry and Tim Burton for their artistry in animation...my list would go on forever and we haven't got the space!

イラストレーターが多いです。子供の絵本を集めているのですが、もっともインスピレーションを与えてくれるのが、絵本のイラストレーターです。一番好きなのは、Marc Boutavant。
他にも大勢好きなアーティストはいます。たとえば、パピエマシェの作品を作るDominique Donois、テキスタイル・アーティストのAnn Wood, Tamar Mogendorff、そしてアニメーション作品が素晴らしいMichel Gondry, Tim Burton・・ リストは限りなく続きますが、とても書ききれません!

(5) 幸せな気持ちにしてくれるものを5つ挙げてください。 

My family, friends and my most wonderful boyfriend... without whom i would be very unhappy.
Paris...it is a magical place at any time of the year, in any weather.
Food...amazing food...the kind that leaves you in some childlike excitement, as if you are eating for the very first time.


Thank you Abigail!
by oktak | 2011-06-24 22:38 | Etsy shop紹介
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