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Etsy shop紹介 - NG Jewelry


本日のショップ: NG Jewelry


(1) 簡単な自己紹介をお願いします。

My name is Nubia Gonçalves and I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am married and I have a son and a daughter. My daughter is 29 years old and is an industrial designer. My son is 28 ears old and has a degree in Business Administration. My husband and I live a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean, just by a beautiful beach called Copacabana. I can see it from our window and I love the view, the breeze and the smell of the ocean. It also gives me a sense of freedom and it is so nice to be able to breathe nature.


(2) ジュエリーデザインを始められたきっかけは?

I always loved art and apart from graduating in languages I studied visual arts. After retiring, about 3 years ago, I found myself having enough time to expand my artistic boundaries. I wanted to combine painting and jewelry making, something that I am still trying to find out how. Someday I will get there…Creating a piece of jewelry is something I never ever believed I would be able to do someday, but here am I, designing, sawing, filling, soldering and I just love it! And it is also so rewarding when someone likes what you do!



(3) これまでの作品の中で、もっとも気に入っておられるものは?

I should say is the piece that is my etsy shop banner. I really like it, is so delicate.

Etsy shopのバナーに使っている、この作品です。繊細でとても気に入っています。

(4) お好きなアーティストは?

There are so many artists that I admire and inspire me. It is very difficult to choose just one but I will mention a wonderful Brazilian architect and designer, Oscar Niemeyer, whose work is worldwide known. He was responsible to plan the capital of Brazil and his work is very contemporary. He is now 102 years old and still creates, amazing!


(5) 幸せな気持ちにさせてくれるものを5つ挙げてください。

a) the sound of children laughing
b) my family
c) nature
d) good music
e) friends


Muito obrigada Nubia!


by oktak | 2010-10-02 09:57 | Etsy shop紹介
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