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(1) 簡単な自己紹介をお願いします。

My name is Kaija and I'm a young Finnish master bookbinder currently living in Turku, Southwest Finland. I've always enjoyed making things from scratch, and I can't really even remember the time I wasn't creating art in one form or another. I mainly use linen as a cover material on my books as I love its organic feel and wide range of different, vibrant colours, but I do love working with leather too.


(2) 今のお仕事を始められたきっかけは?

I made my first book while still at school and soon became addicted to bookbinding. It combined art, craft and practicality in the perfect manner. After finishing my secondary education and spending a year in art school I went to study bookbinding full time. Learning new things had never before been so much fun. The best part about bookbinding is that the learning never seems to end! I graduated in 2006 and still encounter new and fascinating things on daily basis.



(3) これまでの作品の中で、もっとも気に入っているものは?

I think it's fairly easy to say now that my full leather binding of Marguerite Duras's Yann Andréa Steiner is my favourite book. It wasn't as clear as this when I had just finished it, but I have definitely grown to love this binding and it's beautiful case more and more.


(4) お好きなアーティストは?

I love the work of Joseph Beuys, especially his drawings. I admire many artists on Etsy and in the blogworld, but I think there are simply too many amazingly talented people for me to mention any names here without feeling like I've left someone important out. To me the contemporary art happening here and now among my friends and acquaintances online is much more inspiring than wandering in museums. They really mean the world to my creativeness.


(5) 幸せな気持ちにさせてくれるものを5つ挙げてください。

1. paper - fold it, tear it, bend it, glue it
2. my knives and bookbinding tools in general, I'm a big fan of all sorts of instruments
3. good food, preferably Italian food or something with plenty of ginger
4. waking up in the morning to the sound of rain and realizing I don't need to get up in hours
5.a good novel, a warm blanket and someone special to cuddle with

1. 紙。 折ること、ちぎること、曲げること、貼り付けること。
2. ナイフや製本の工具一般。あらゆる器具が大好きなのです。
3. おいしい食べ物。できればイタリア料理か、しょうがをたっぷり使った料理。
4. 朝、雨の音で起き、まだ何時間も寝ていられると気づいたとき。
5. おもしろい小説、あたたかい毛布、寄り添える大事な人。

Thank you Kaija!


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