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Etsy shop紹介 - Burned Furniture


本日ご紹介するのは、繊細な模様を刻んだ木製のスプーンや器、家具を製作販売しているBurned Furniture。通常のインタビュー形式ではなく、自由なフォーマットで自己紹介したいというCeciliaの希望で、以下の文章を送ってもらった。

My name is Cecilia Galluccio, I live in the Boston area and sell pyrography/wood burned pieces from both my Studio/word of mouth, and Etsy.com. I've always loved making things, from painted pottery to watercolor paintings and collages, too. I come from a large family and was always encouraged to appreciate the outdoors, and also gardening.


The natural world always inspires me in making wood burned work; certain shapes of leaves, flowers, or seedpods are items I enjoy collecting, drawing, and often using as subjects for my work. I especially enjoy making pieces that are detailed visually, and which also have a great texture. You can run your hand over a spoon or table and actually feel where the burning tool cut into the wood to outline a leaf or pressed into the detail of a flower.


The process of decorating these wooden pieces is something I especially enjoy; it's very meditative and most woods smell great when I am burning them-with the exception of bamboo, which to me smells like burning hair!



At this time I decorate found or bought pieces, I hope to start making my own wooden pieces, such as hand cut ornaments and bowls, in the future when I've learned more skills and acquired more tools.


Right now I'm enjoying making cutting boards from found wood planks, which I cut up with my hacksaw, file the edges with my file collection, and then sand to a buttery finish. Burning something I cut and shaped myself feels great, and it's especially gratifying seeing the piece after it is oiled and the grain of the wood really pops visually, revealing so much more about the wood than what I did to it.


One of my favorite wood pieces I've decorated (which was also the largest piece of furniture I've ever burned) was also my first piece of furniture. It now resides in Omaha, NE, and was commissioned by someone I truly like and admire. It was really sad to wrap it up and send it away after almost a year of working on it, but I took copious pictures of it, perhaps I'll see it in person again someday.


Thank you Cecilia!
by oktak | 2010-07-09 06:39 | Etsy shop紹介
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